Augmenting Africa’s reality in print publications

The Augmenta AR+ SDK is the perfect solution for quick and easy mobile AR solution within any existing app.

Let your users experience augmented reality through your app, by simply adding the SDK and creating your campaigns through the Augmenta campaign manager.

In South Africa, we’ve had success with the Independent Media Group and Conde Nast, particular with GQ South Africa, a division of the Conde Nast brand. Augmenta partnered with GQ South Africa to launch the Augmenta product in the GQ July 2017 issue with 5 augmented reality campaigns across a broad spectrum of brands. Not only was this a first for GQ but it bought the magazine to life in a way that readers, as well as advertisers benefit greatly from.

Readers are able to engage with content by downloading the Augmenta app, scanning adverts or pieces of editorial content that have been highlighted in the contents pages and have their page come to life in the form of rich video content detailing more about the page they are reading. Brands and advertisers benefit hugely by being able communicate to the reader in more ways than simply viewing the page. Not only this, but detailed analytics on how many people engaged with the ad are freely available rather than simply reporting on distribution and estimated readership figures.


Studio Independent, the digital division of Independent Media Group, have used their AR plugin within their IOL and individual title apps extensively already. They have activated a number of campaigns, driving users to their newspapers and content.

“ Independent Media has been test-driving its new Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities in the past few weeks, and in the process discovered endless and fantastic possibilities for our brand and audiences. Augmented Reality allows readers to access additional information, pictures, video clips and audio, simply by using their smartphones to scan a “target” image on the page, or even on our IOL website or social media platforms. Once this image has been scanned, an image or video will be displayed over the target image, and off you go! You can then send the user to a website, such as the newspaper website, a competition form, etc with more information.

The AR function is simple and user-friendly which enables editors and content managers to easily and quickly put together campaigns that take the brand and the reader far beyond the edges of our pages.”

– Terry van der Walt, Studio Independent

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