Breaking ground with the first ReactNative eCommerce app in Africa, in partnership with Afrozaar, launched its Loot Online mobile app towards the end of 2016, making shopping online even easier and more mobile for customers. Afrozaar, as the technology partners, decided to invest in their ReactNative technology stack to do this, introducing the first eCommerce app in Africa.


Afrozaar was tasked with creating an eCommerce mobile app for Loot Online. The primary goal was to Integrate with existing backend systems and to provide their customers with a mobile friendly shopping experience.


ReactNative, Android, iOS, enhancement of eCommerce backend mobile API service layer


Producing our first eCommerce app, using a new technology stack, within a very limited timeframe.

The afrozaar team pulled together over the 4 month period to produce a full function eCommerce app, using latest in mobile technology and service layer architecture.


“In general, shoppers are looking for value and are increasingly transacting via their mobile phones. In November 2016, we saw a 90% year-on-year increase in mobile phone traffic and a commensurate increase in revenues of over 136% for customers transacting on mobile,” said Loot CEO Gary Hadfield.

“Our app has made shopping via mobile devices a lot easier for our customers.”

You can access the Loot mobile app on the Apple and Google store. 

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