Mobile Reporting increases Kent Media Group’s video production


MojoReporter is a digital platform that brings security and workflow to a team of MOJO Reporters breaking stories in the field.

The TEAM EDITION implementation of MojoReporter best suits a media group or publishing house with a team of mobile journalists. We will setup and brand your own closed, secure and branded MojoReporter TEAM EDITION platform.

It’s a great way to keep all the media captured by your MOJO team in a secure app and web environment for further distribution or retrieval.

KM Media Group, based in Kent UK, have embraced the platform and accelerated their on the ground reporting using their team edition of MojoReporter platform.


KM Media Group were looking for a cost effective news gathering system, where their Mojo journalists could securely capture and send all their stories to one centralized environment.


The MojoReporter app is developed using native Android and iOS development stack, and is available across Google and Apple platforms. 

By combining the MojoReporter digital services with the Baobab Suite, a content redistribution and digital first editing solution, Afrozaar aims to syndicate Mojo content securely and effectively across market leading editorial or broadcasting platforms.

MojoReporter also integrates with WordPress, so that editorial staff can view the web dashboard of all Mojo posts created by their reporters.


By implementing MojoReporter, we now have a cost effective and clear news gathering system. It centralizes all our multimedia smartphone content. Whether it’s for our newspapers, website, social media pages, video channels or radio station, the content is available within seconds of being created” – ANDY RICHARDS, KM Media Group


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