Afrozaar, founded in 2010, was one of the early pioneers in mobile app development and secure content distribution.

Afrozaar ensures enterprise scalability through well defined mobile cloud architecture to achieve sustainable digital app ecosystem, that are configurable at a modular level.

Fast becoming a leader in digital transformation of traditional media and brand groups around how they value their digital processes, assets and respective audiences.

The digital enablement and transformation of traditional media and brand agencies, is an area Afrozaar enjoy and have a number of successes worth repeating.

As a software engineering company specialising in the delivery of digital solutions across traditional publishing; brand and broadcasting agencies; e-commerce and corporate content ecosystems. The Afrozaar engineering team is committed to constantly collaborating, sharing and learning with those we form sustainable relationships with.

The Publisher’s Toolbox product ecosystem brings digital innovation and simplicity to your fingertips. Capture, share, store, collate, monetise and publish digital media while providing memorable user experiences for your digital community through innovative technology and incentivised community engagement.

Afrozaar is an Amazon partner, helping businesses ‘go cloud’ and leverage the power and efficiency of highly available, auto-scaling and infinitely powerful infrastructure. Afrozaar is trusted with hundreds of EC2servers, Elastic Beanstalk environments, RDS databases and Workspace cloud desktops.

PT SportSuite is an AWS-powered modular digital media ecosystem that provides sporting organisations with the tools to become media powerhouses. Create a content ecosystem that allows you to collect, manage, engage and share digital media with your sporting communities

MojoReporter is a mobile-first digital platform that standardises and simplifies the collection and storage of mobile media from your brand, media, sports or educational community. Capture mobile content by transforming your community into content producers for your organisation.

BiblioDAM protects your digital media assets in the cloud, unlocking theirvalue with a host of intelligent media services. The web dashboard and API facility allows for bulk upload of videos, images, audio, PDF and articles, and easy searchability via multiple taxonomy layers.

MobileAppSuite is the future for brand communities who are mobile, on the go, and continuously connected, allowing organisations to communicate, engage and promote like never before. Create a sustainable digital community with our modular, enterprise-grade mobile app platform.

WebSuite’s plugins and services will complement your web properties to ensure better performance, navigational expertise, monetisation and editorial capabilities. WebSuite brings improvement across all Google performance metrics and leading AWS cloud hosting and media services

The Augmenta AR+ web and app platform makes it easy to create scannable AR activations for you or your brand partners. Bring your branded collateral, company logo, print publication and more to life with no code or technical know-how required. Let your creativity run wild.

BaobabSuite is an enterprise-grade digital platform which enables publishing, distribution and monetisation of digital content across multiple channels. With BaobabSuite, efficiency can be improved, revenue increased and costs reduced while maintaining exceptional performance.


Solution Delivery

Design, configure and implement digital publishing and distribution platforms based on our unique product components

Cloud Hosting

Provide high performance, reliable and scalable hosting of solutions on AWS

Mobile App Development

Develop white-label or custom mobile apps across all platforms

Systems Integration

Integrate our solutions with other existing or thid-party systems including subscription management, analytics, advertising and content management systems

Custom Development

Develop tailor-made content distribution and mobile solutions based on a framework of tried and tested product components

Strategic Consultation

Provide strategic insight regarding digital publishing strategy and roadmaps