Who We Are

Afrozaar is a software development company specialising in the delivery of solutions to the publishing and media industry. Our flagship product, the Baobab Suite, has been successfully deployed within a number of leading news publishers. As a close-knit team of engineers and tech-junkies, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of app framework development and efficient content distribution techniques.

Our Products

These are the digital products that make up Afrozaar's Publisher's Toolbox.

Each one of these products has a story behind it, a team and a journey to travel. Afrozaar.com's product development teams are enthused by the adventure each one of our homegrown digital products can provide us and our customers. Our team enjoy having the ability to disrupt and challenge the traditional digital publishing and broadcasting industries by being able to provide alternative solutions that is simpler, quicker and more cost effective to market.

The below products can exist independently of each other, and when integrated they provide an enterprise grade media distribution capability that is sustainable.

The Enterprise Publishing Platform for a Digital World

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Secure mobile journalism app and cloud based web dashboard

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Powerfully Simple
Digital Asset Management

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Enterprise grade multimedia content apps

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Discover your world

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AWS cloud based image / video streaming and branded player API

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What We Do

Solution delivery

Design, configure and implement digital publishing and distribution platforms based on our unique product components

Cloud hosting

Provide high performance, reliable and scalable hosting of solutions on AWS

Mobile app development

Develop white-label or custom mobile apps across all platforms

Systems integration

Integrate our solutions with other existing or third-party systems including subscription management, analytics, advertising and content management systems

Custom development

Develop tailor-made content distribution and mobile solutions based on a framework of tried and tested product components

Strategic consulting

Provide strategic insight regarding digital publishing strategy and roadmaps