Transitioning Africa’s largest print newspaper group into a global digital first media group.

Independent Media Group goes Digital

It was 2014, the Independent Media Group had recently been acquired by a consortium of private and government investment businesses from the original Irish Independent owners. Back then it was previously known as Independent Newspapers, which had over 32 printed newspaper titles (national, regional and community) and only one news website (

The Afrozaar digital product team approached the new owners and proposed a digital journey and digital platform implementation plan to transform the traditional newspaper group into a globally positioned digital first media business.

After partnering with The Telegraph Media Group (2011 to 2014) Afrozaar had the experience needed to assist with establishing a high-frequency digital publishing ecosystem.

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Augmenting Africa’s reality in print publications

The Augmenta AR+ SDK is the perfect solution for quick and easy mobile AR solution within any existing app.

Let your users experience augmented reality through your app, by simply adding the SDK and creating your campaigns through the Augmenta campaign manager.

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Breaking ground with the first ReactNative eCommerce app in Africa, in partnership with Afrozaar, launched its Loot Online mobile app towards the end of 2016, making shopping online even easier and more mobile for customers. Afrozaar, as the technology partners, decided to invest in their ReactNative technology stack to do this, introducing the first eCommerce app in Africa.

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Mobile Reporting increases Kent Media Group’s video production


MojoReporter is a digital platform that brings security and workflow to a team of MOJO Reporters breaking stories in the field.

The TEAM EDITION implementation of MojoReporter best suits a media group or publishing house with a team of mobile journalists. We will setup and brand your own closed, secure and branded MojoReporter TEAM EDITION platform.

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